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Aquadri Carpet Cleaning – Domestic Carpet Cleaning

How will Aquadri clean my carpets?

At Aquadri we assess every carpet on an individual basis. When your carpet cleaner arrives he will select the cleaning system to use based on the type of carpet, degree of soiling & wear and how well your carpet has been fitted. Below you will find information about how our different cleaning systems work and in which situation they are likely to be used.

Dry cleaning carpets

With this system first a cleaning pad is placed in a heater tank where it is allowed to warm up and have neutraliser applied to it. Then the carpet is sprayed with a cleaning chemical and a machine rubs the warm pad over the carpet. The dirt is removed from the carpet by a combination of friction, heat, and the reaction between the cleaning chemical and the neutraliser on the pad. Any moisture remaining on the carpet from the cleaning spray usually evaporates within half an hour leaving no chemical residue. Also if required, it is safe to walk on the carpets immediately after cleaning.

The dry clean system can be used on most carpets but provides especially good results on carpet tiles and man made fibres.

Wet-extraction/steam carpet cleaning

To clean a carpet with wet extraction, first a pre-spray is applied to the carpet and given time to take effect. The carpet is then rinsed with an extremely hot water spray and the dirt is sucked out.

It is possible to clean all types of carpet with wet extraction, but if used on a carpet that has not been fitted properly then it may cause shrinkage with some types (in which case a different cleaning method will be used). Carpets may take between 4-8 hours to dry depending on the circumstances for a portable machine and 2-3 hours for a truck-mounted machine.

Rotary-scrub extraction carpet cleaning

Rotary scrub extraction is similar to wet extraction except that, as the name suggests the machine used also scrubs the carpet. This system is especially useful where a wet extraction is preferred but the carpet has not been fitted properly. The reason for this is because rotary scrub extraction does not require as much moisture to be put into the carpet.

This system is normally reserved for very heavily soiled carpets and drying times vary from 1-4 hours depending on the circumstances.

Aquadri Carpet Cleaning – Domestic Upholstery Cleaning

How will Aquadri clean my upholstery?

Aquadri’s professional staff will clean your upholstery using a steam cleaning system which is safe to use even on upholstery with labels stating “dry clean only”.

We always cafefully select the correct types of chemicals for use cleaning your fabric to ensure no damage to your upholstery. If we are unable to tell what kind of fabric your upholstery is over the phone then we can arrange a visit at a time convenient to you. The reason for this is that prices vary depending on how difficult the fabric is to clean and most people like to know how much it will cost first!

Drying time

One issue with cleaning upholstery in the home is the time it will take to dry. You don’t want your sofa cleaned, only to find out you can’t sit on it until tomorrow. At Aquadri we use air movers to dry out your upholstery in the fastest possible time. This way, when we leave, the fabric will only have a slight dampness in it, or be completely dry. Either way, your cleaned upholstery will not be soaking wet and there will be no danger of staples or zips leaving rust marks.

Aquadri Carpet Cleaning – Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Office carpet cleaning

Most offices are carpeted with carpet tiles. If this is also the case with your office then we will use a dry clean system. Cleaning carpet tiles, the dry clean system we use has a number of advantages over conventional wet extraction cleaning:

Cleaning all other workplace carpets

Of course, not all workplaces are the same. If your workplace does not have carpet tiles then the cleaning system to be used will be selected on an individual basis according to which will give the best results. There are no differences in cost between our cleaning systems, so you will not need to compromise on quality and our trained professional carpet cleaners are free to make the best choice of cleaning system for your needs.

Aquadri Carpet Cleaning – Commercial Upholstery Cleaning

Why have your upholstery cleaned?

Manufacturers recommend that their upholstery is cleaned at least once every 2 years. In a reception a sofa my need cleaning far more often as people are coming and going all the time, maybe sitting down wearing their coats and grime builds up fast. Whether sofas, bar stools or office chairs, having them cleaned will lengthen their life and save your business money in the long run.

A clean and healthy environment is good for productivity and good for business.

The best upholstery cleaning equipment

When your business invests in having it’s upholstery cleaned you want to make sure that the best possible job will be done. Aquadri uses truck mounted upholstery cleaning machines which have performance that just can’t be matched by electric cleaning machines.

Not only can you rest assured that the maximum amount of dirt will be removed but that the minimum amount of moisture will be left behind. Combined with careful selection of the right chemicals for your fabric Aquadri will provide the best possible clean for your upholstery without risk of damage to the fabric.

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